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“DBCK held its first Science Exhibition organized by Science Department of DBCK“

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“DBCK held its first Science Exhibition organized by Science Department of DBCK“


First Science Exhibition organized by Science Department of DBCK

The Science Department of DBCK organized its 1st Science Exhibition on March 16, 2024, under the theme "Science Beyond the Four Corners of Our Classroom." The event aimed to inspire and engage young minds in the wonders of science.

The formal program was chaired by Dr. Lirikum Jing, Assistant Professor of the Zoology Department. The session began with an invocation by Rev. Fr. Christudoss A, followed by Ms. Patricia Kiewhuo's welcome speech, expressing gratitude to all participants and highlighting the significance of exploring science beyond textbooks. She gave a brief introduction to the college and highlighted the activities conducted by the Science Department of DBCK.

Dr. NeilazonuoKhruomo delivered an enlightening talk on the exhibition's theme, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking, creativity, and passion for discovery in the field of science. The formal session concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. MhalesienuoShunyu, expressing gratitude to all participants, organizers, and supporters for their contributions to making the event a success.

The exhibition featured a wide array of student projects and experiments, including sugar level tests through urine analysis, hydroelectric power plants, volcano eruptions, rat dissections, life cycles of Plasmodium vivax, dissolved oxygen content in pond water, sex determination experiments, and secrets of myco-diversity showcasing various types of mushrooms, including bioluminescent ones. Additionally, there were exhibits for blood group tests and blood pressure measurements.

The exhibition garnered a total of 105 participants, comprising 30 students from Mezhur Higher Secondary School Kohima, 31 students from Don Bosco Higher Secondary School Kohima, and 38 students from Model Higher Secondary School Kohima, each accompanied by two teachers.

These attendees actively engaged with the exhibits, demonstrating a sincere interest in scientific exploration. Their enthusiastic participation greatly contributed to the exhibition's success, fostering a dynamic and enriching environment for all participants. The Exhibition was indeed a celebration triggering meticulous proficiency of brilliance for students as well showcasing the ingenuity and passion of young minds in the field of science.

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