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About Department

The Department of English is one of the vibrant departments in DBCK since its inception in 2015. The Vision of the Department has been to strive for academic excellence and to advance research expertise in the core areas of English Literature. The Department has been offering instruction for the award of the degrees of B. A. English Honours under Nagaland University prescribed semester syllabus. One of the major responsibilities of the Department is the ‘General English’ course, which is taught across the university – to all undergraduate courses in all subjects, whether it is Science, Commerce or Arts.
One of the aims of the Department is to help undergraduate students develop academic distinction together with refining skills and abilities required in the professional world. At present, there are 99 students from different parts of the state. The department has students from other states as well.
The Department has 4 Faculty Members with specialization and publications in major areas of literary studies like Multiculturalism, North East Writings in English, English Language Teaching, Postcolonial Literature, Literary Theory, Culture Studies.
The Department organizes co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, in addition to class lectures.
At present, Dr. Toshimenla and Dr. Adenuo Shirat Luikham have undertaken a major project supported by the State Government Special Fund on the topic “Kaleidoscopia of Folklores: A Naga Chapter”

Year Of Establishment

JUNE 2015 under Nagaland University


Excel, Express and Execute

Vision Of The Department

Mission Of The Department


Dr. Toshimenla (HoD)

M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, NET
Asst. Professor

Dr. Pinky Sagolsem

M.A., M. Phil, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor

Dr. Adenuo Shirat Luikham

M.A., NET, Ph.D
Asst. Professor

Mr. Rhilo Mero

Asst. Professor



Dr. Pinky Sagolsem

Dr. Adenuo Shirat Luikham