The purpose of the Code is to express community standards of honesty, respect for persons and property, and responsible use of freedom. The Code reflects the College’s mission and identity, and it exists to guide conduct, safeguarding and promoting the College’s educational activity.

Spiritual Commitment

Don Bosco College, Kohima gives importance to spiritual development of each student and staff. As means to promote spiritual growth, the college cultivates habit of beginning each programme or class with words of prayer, along with other weekly and monthly religious services.


In line with the college motto- “Duty and Joy”, students and staffs of Don Bosco College, Kohima keeps high sense of being responsible and dedicated in service both in and off-campus. All Bosconians are committed in providing service for intellectual development, building relationship and social growth as a whole.


Aspects such as honesty, respect, discipline and sincerity are the fundamental beliefs of Don Bosco College, Kohima. The college strives to achieve excellence not only academically but instil in the young minds the sense of cultivating moral values and positive human virtues.

Code of Conducts for Teachers

Teaching as a profession assumes the obligation to conduct oneself in accordance with the ideal of the profession. A good teacher is one who is fully conscious of his obligation or responsibilities and discharged them to the best of his capacities. An effective teacher is aware of his rights and works for realizing them in the frame work of rules and regulations. Students reflect the attitude of the teacher; therefore, if the students are expected to be learning-oriented, teacher has to demonstrate a high inclination towards continuous learning.

Code of Conducts for Students

Norms & Guidelines


DBCK Atmosphere

Don Bosco College is a shrine of learning and everyone is expected to create a favourable atmosphere for it.

Dress code

Dress is not about what is handy to wear as boys and girls but influential to wear as Bosconians. Hence, students are requested to wear set dress code.


For female students



Classroom Behaviour


Classroom Behaviour


Non-compliance with any of the rules and regulations of the college regarding general campus culture such as uniform, camera phone, attendance, late coming etc., shall incur a fine as reformative/transformative measure.

Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) For Students

A. After admission process

B. Leaving college

B. During Examinations
Regarding Admit cards

Discipline regarding examination

Loss of identity card

Request for replacement of lost identity card must be given in writing to the Principal. A new card may be issued on the payment of Rs. 100.

incur a fine as reformative/transformative measure.

Loss/Damage of library book

After the matter is informed by the student to the librarian, s/he will issue a memo to the college office directing him/her to collect the required amount of money for the book. The student should make the payment at the cash counter

Damage to college property

Any damage to the college property should immediately be reported to the Administrator.

The administrator will issue a memo to the college cash counter through the student. The student should make the payment at the cash counter for the damages done. The above applies to the undesired graffiti on desks, walls and Boards

Suggestions & Complaints

Suggestions are always welcome in the mode of signed notes in the letter box. Complaints may be registered to the concerned authorities depending on the nature of grievance. No anonymous complaints or suggestions will be taken up for action.

Library/Music & sports equipment’s

Students can avail Library books at the prescribed library hours using their ID card.

Using of Musical instruments and sports equipment are allowed at the prescribed hours. A student should enter his details in the register/record book, and submit the ID card to the concerned coordinators.

D. Sanctioned leave, late arrival and early departure

Absence due to family function

Follow the above mentioned procedure but this leave can be only sanctioned provided you apply in anticipation of the family function

Sick Leave

Late arrival/Uniform