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Fr. Dr. P. Suresh SDB, Principal.
Teachers representatives :
Ms. Zevisanuo Khate, Asst. Cordinator, IQAC
Dr. Imtinaro Longkumer, HOD, Education.
Ms. Tsutshoweii Sekhamo, Convenor, Academic Council.
Dr. Velhou Koza, Convenor, Research Committee.
Mrs. Zavelu Kezo, Dean of Students Affairs
Mrs. Kezienuo, Controller of Examination
One Member from management
Prof. G.T Thong. NU Nominee
Administrative Staff :
Fr. P. Innocent, Vice Principal, D.B.H.S.S
Mr. Manikho, Account Officer.
One Nominee each from local society, students and alumni :
Ms. Kevisedenuo Christina, Alumni Representative
Concerned Gen. Scty, Students’ Forum.
Mr. Keniengu Albert, Catholic Union President. CKC Kohima
One Nominee Each from Employers/ Industrialists/ Stakeholders :
Dr. N. Tiwary, Principal, Mnt. Olive College
Mr. Vituozo Phewhuo, N.V. Press, Kohima.
Fr. T.P. James, Principal, D.B.H.S.S.
Ms. Jarani Mao.