Students Grievance Redressal Cell aims to attend to the grievances and complaints registered
by anyone with regard to the activities of the Institution, and in particular, those made by
students. Any form of discontent or dissatisfaction on the part of the students can be informed
to the cell. The Cell ensures effective solution to the grievances, using a fair approach. The
purpose of this policy is to ensure that all instances of student misconduct are dealt with fairly
and consistently and provide a clear procedure to guide students.

The policy refers to all the Students in the college regardless of position and status.

Procedure for Lodging Complaint
The concerned Grievance can:
contact -8731911527
Mail To:
Redressal of the Grievance
i. The Students Grievance Redressal Cell will act upon those grievances which have
been dropped in the complaint box.
ii. Any grievance/ complaint received by the cell is forwarded and discussed with the
college authority to arrive at a concrete solution.
iii. To ensure effective solution to the Students grievances with an impartial and fair
Approach, suitable person or persons, incharges etc as per the nature of the grievance
will investigate the reason of dissatisfaction.
iv. The cell will put all effort to resolve matters of grievance pertaining to DBCK
students, with all respect and regard.