Professor Richard Hay MP addressed DBCK

Professor Richard Hay MP visited DBCK
On 17th of January 2018 Don Bosco College Kohima was visited by Professor Richard Hay Member of Parliament with his lady wife Shakila Hay and Mr Raymond D’souza National Co- coordinator Youth Activities8 Foundation. They were accompanied by parish priest of Christ King church Kohima Rev.Fr Salew Peter.
They were welcomed by the 2nd semester students of DBCK. The programme started at 9.45 am and ended at 10.15 am. The guests were felicitated by Dr. Velhou Koza and it was followed by a talk from the Visitor. Prof. Richard Hay M.P in his talk emphasised on the three important principles which everyone should have in life, namely; Honesty and integrity, love of nature and responsibility. He praised the Nagas for their honesty and sense of responsibility. The second talk was given by Mr .Raymond D’Souza National Co-ordinator Youth Activities8 Foundation. He praised the Naga youth for their talent in sports and music .He encouraged the youth to move forward in life with the same spirit. He concluded his talk with the phrase “Aspire to Inspire before you Expire’’. The session concluded with the singing of the college anthem. Towards the end, Principal of DBCK thanked the speakers for their visit and inspiring words of wisdom.