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More than 15,145 Journals from various disciplines
2 Jstor Arts, Business & Economics, History, Humanities, Law,
Medicine & Allied Health, Science & Mathematics,
Social Science. 
3 Sage Open Business & Management, Communication, Criminology &
Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, Humanities,
Information Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, 
4 Springer OAJ Geography, Business, Management & Law, Engineering,
Chemistry, Social Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences,
Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, etc. 
5 Open Access Library Social Sciences, Humanities, Science & Technology,
Engineering, Management, etc. 
6 Taylor and Francis Economics, Business & Industry, Finance, Physical Science,
Earth Science, Environment & Sustainability, Computer Science,
Bioscience, Medicine, Engineering. 
7 BMJ Open Communication, Medical Science, Health Economics,
Mental health, Sociology, etc. 
8 Paperity Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, Humanities,
Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences  
9 BioMed Central-BMC Biomedicine, Computer Sc, Education, Engineering,
Life Sciences, Maths, Social Science, Chemistry,
Criminology, Earth Sciences, Materials Science,
Psychology, and more. 
10 COGENT OA Arts & Humanities, Biology, Business Management,
Economic & Finance, Education, Engineering,
Environmental Science, Food & Agrculture, Maths
& Statistics, Social Sciences, Physics, and more. 
11 ELSEVIER Science Direct Physical Sciences and Engineering, Life Science,
health Sciences, Social Science and Humanities 
12 Indian Society for Education
and Environment (isee)
Science and Technology, Economics and Development,
NanoScience,Drugs & Disease, Medicine & Healthcare,
Bioinformatics & Biotechnology, Information &
Management,  Energy, Innovative & Development,
Oncology and Radiation Biology,  Automation &
Artificial Intelligence 
13 Knowledge Unlatched (KU) Anthropology, Communication, Literature, History,
Linguistics, Politics, Sociology. 
14 SSRN Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, Humanities,
Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences 
15 Sabinet Arts, Anthropology, Economics, Education, Engineering,
History, Law, Humanities, Literature, Linguistics,
Political Science,  Psychology, Sociology, and more. 
16 Hindawi Publishing Biological Sciences, Medicine, Case Reports,
Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Education,
Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science. 
17 Oxford Academic Arts and Humanities, Law, Medicine & Health Science
& Mathematics, Social Science