1 1.4.1 Institution obtains feedback on the syllabus and its transaction at the institution from the following stakeholders
1) Students
2) Teachers
3) Employers
4) Alumni
1.4.1. Feedback on the Curriculum View
1.4.2 Feedback process of the Institution may be classified as follows:
1. Feedback collected, analysed and action taken and feedback available on website
2. 2. Feedback collected, analysed and action has been taken
3. 3. Feedback collected and analysed
4. 4. Feedback collected
5. 5. Feedback not collected
1.4.1. Feedback collected View
2 2.1.1 Average Enrolment percentage (Average of last five years) 2.1.1(a) Data Template on Average Enrollment Percentage View Submission of Students Enrolment to the Competent Authority View Documents relating to sanction of intake approved by the competent authority View
2.1.2 Average percentage of seats filled against reserved categories (SC, ST, OBC, Divyangjan, etc. as per applicable reservation policy ) during the last five years ( exclusive of supernumerary seats) Copy of letter issued by the State or Central Government indicating the reserved categories to be considered as per the state rule View Final admission list indicating the category as published by the HEI and signed by competent authority View Admission extract submitted to the competent authority View Data Template of the average seats filled against reserved categories View
2.4.3 Average teaching experience of full time teachers in the same institution 2.4.3(a) Data Template of list of faculties along with particulars of the date of appointment in the HEI and years of his/her experience in the institution View
2.4.3(b) Experience Certificate/ Appointment order of selected faculty View
2.6.3 Average pass percentage of Students during last five years 2.6.3(a) Data template of the Average pass percentage of students during the last five years View
2.6.3(b) Annual report of COE highlighting pass percentage of students View
2.6.3(c) Certified Report from Controller Examination indiacating pass percentage of students of the final year eligible for the degree program-wise/ year-wise View
3 3.2.1 Number of papers published per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC website during the last five years Data Template with the functional link to the actual article in the relevant section on the UGC Portal View
3.2.2 Number of books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers published in national/ international conference proceedings per teacher during last five years E-copy of the Cover Page, Content page and first page of the publications View Web-link of research papers by title, author, Department/ School/ Division/ Centre/ unit/ cell, name and year of publication View Data Template of number of books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and paper published in national/international conference proceedings per teacher during last five years View
4 4.3.3 Bandwidth of internet connection in the Institution 4.3.3(a) Bills indicating internet connection plan, speed and bandwidth and the HEI name View
4.3.3(b) Affidavit of the name of the Internet connection View
5 5.1.5 The Institution has a transparent mechanism for timely redressal of student grievances including sexual harassment and ragging cases
1. Implementation of guidelines of statutory/regulatory bodies
2. Organisation wide awareness and undertakings on policies with zero tolerance
3. Mechanisms for submission of online/offline students’ grievances
4. Timely redressal of the grievances through appropriate committees
5.1.5(a) Report of the grievance from the concerned committee View
5.1.5 (b) Proof of constitution of committees View
5.1.5 (c) The mechanism of addressal available in the HEI Website View
5.2.1 Average percentage of placement of outgoing students during the last five years Data Template of the list of students placed along with placement details View Appointment letter/ ID Card of the students placed View
5.3.3 Average number of sports and cultural events/competitions in which students of the Institution participated during last five years (organised by the institution/other institutions) Report of the events along with Photographs with date and year View Copy of Circular/ Boucher indicating such kind of activities View Data template indicating list of students participated in different events year wise View
6 6.3.2 Average percentage of teachers provided with financial support to attend conferences / workshops and towards membership fee of professional bodies during the last five years. Policy documents on providing financial support to teachers View E-copy of letters indicating financial assistance to teachers View Data template of the list of teachers receiving financial support year wise View Audited statement of account highlighting the financial support to teachers to attend conferences/workshops and towards membership fee for professional bodies View Proof of payment View
6.3.3 Average number of professional development /administrative training programs organized by the institution for teaching and non- teaching staff during the last five years Data Template of list of professional development /administrative training programs organised by the institution View Brochures, Reports and photographs with date and caption View Annual Report highlighting the programmes conducted by the HEI View (d) List of participants in the programs View
7 7.1.2 The Institution has facilities for alternate sources of energy and energy conservation measures 
1. Solar energy      
2. Biogas plant 
3. Wheeling to the Grid
4. Sensor-based energy conservation
5. Use of LED bulbs/ power efficient equipment 
7.1.2(a) Geo tagged photographs with caption of the facilities View
7.1.2(b) Bills for the purchase of equipment’s for the facilities View
7.1.5 Green campus initiatives include:
1. Restricted entry of automobiles
2. Use of Bicycles/ Battery powered vehicles
3. Pedestrian Friendly pathways
4. Ban on use of Plastic
5. landscaping with trees and plants
7.1.5(a) Policy document on the green campus View
7.1.5(b) Geo tagged photographs with caption of the facilities View
7.1.5(c) Circular for the implementation of the initiatives View