General Information



  • Regular attendance not only fetches you high score of marks but also is an enriching experience with your classmates and teachers. Therefore, all the students should attend classes regularly. If there are some important and compelling reasons such as family celebration, ill health etc., students can avail leave after obtaining permission from the Principal.
  • For every hour, the attendance of students is marked in attendance register by individual course teacher.
  • Monthly attendance percentage of students will be displayed on the notice board. In case of any discrepancy, they can get it rectified by contacting the teacher concerned and the Principal within three days. Any request for correction in the attendance after three days will not be entertained.
  • After the final attendance list is displayed on the notice board at the end of a semester, any request for correction of attendance will not be accepted.
  • Minimum class/subject attendance required to be eligible to sit for any Examination of the college/University is 80%.
  • Award/Merit certificates will be given to all who obtain 100% attendance for all the courses.
  • Any student, who continuously absents from classes for 10 calendar days without information and intimation, will have his/her name struck off from the college register. The attendance at the first day of class after long vacation/holidays is compulsory and its non-compliance shall incur a fine.
  • When absence is caused by unforeseen events, application for leave signed by the student & parent should be submitted to the Principal not later than three days after returning to the class, along with proof for reasons.
  • Application for leave of absence may be rejected by the Principal if its genuineness is not satisfactory.

Evaluation System

Semester system will be followed as per Nagaland University directive. Each academic year is divided into two semesters. From June to November are the Odd Semesters and from December to May are Even Semesters. Every eligible student will take admission into every semester.

Examination Routine and the End Semester Examinations shall be notified by the University, which shall be of 3 hours duration.

A student shall be deemed qualified to appear the End-Semester Examinations only if he/she secures minimum qualifying marks in the internal assessment Tests and maintains 80% Attendance separately in every subject.

The performance of a student will be evaluated on a 30:70 basis i.e. 30 marks for internal assessment and 70 marks for end semester examination. A student should secure a minimum of 45% in the internal assessment, and 45% marks in the end semester exam. 45% of 30 Marks is 13.5 Marks. One should secure a minimum of 13 marks in the Internal Assessment. 45% of 70 Marks is 31.5 Marks. One should secure a minimum of 32 marks in the End-Semester Examination. (13+32=45) One should secure 45 marks to pass the
End-Semester Examination.

Continuous internal assessment includes two organized tests and other components such as assignments, presentations, quiz, seminar, etc. Both the Continuous Internal Assessment tests are compulsory to students.

A student who fails to appear for selection examination will be debarred from appearing the University Examination. The Principal’s decision in this regard will be final and binding.

CA Tests At the beginning of each Month
Selection Exam Before the University Exam
University Exam As per affiliating University’s schedule
Assignments/Term Papers/ Project Reports At the discretion of the Teachers

Campus Culture and Code of Conduct

By the word “discipline” the college administration understands it as controlled and ordered behaviour geared for a purpose. It is a means to an end. We seek to realize this discipline internally in the students through filial exhortation rather than by external imposition. Its aim is to nurture a fully human and fully alive identity in the students. Education is the harmonious development of the entire human personality by cultivating everything that is good, beautiful and noble in human nature. Hence it should be the earnest endeavour of all students not only to concentrate on the studies but also to cultivate high and noble ideals of life and conduct. Students should take due interest in the moral, academic, cultural and physical activities of the college. The college administration has laid down the following rules of general behaviour and discipline.

  • Students must wear proper uniform and identity card, whenever they come to the college.
  • Daily attendance at the start of the college for a short prayer session in the college hall is mandatory.
  • Bosconians shall conduct themselves in a worthy manner in dress, demeanor and their sense of discipline.
  • The students are expected to be in the college campus during the entire period of the college hours. Late arrival and early departure must be shown in the appropriate places in the college handbook duly signed by the Principal. Absentees must submit leave letters addressed to the principal stating the reason, signed by the parent/guardian to the Principal.
  • Possession and use of addictive substances like, tobacco, supari, pan, etc. is completely forbidden in the College campus. Students who violate this rule will invite a fine, suspension and even expulsion.


  • Students must be present on the re-opening day after every vacation and on the last day before every vacation, major or minor. Those who fail to do shall pay a fine.
  • Punctuality is to be observed by all at the college campus. Late comers may be permitted to attend classes on submission of the fine slip. Names of late comers will be posted on the notice board once a month. Repeated late comers will be asked to discontinue from the college.
  • Students may not leave the college campus during lecture hours without the permission of the Principal. When such leave is granted a leave-slip will be issued to the student. Students are required to present the leave slip to the college office before leaving the college.
  • Usage of mobile phone is prohibited in the campus. Any unauthorized use will incur confiscation.
  • Students must not join any club or society or involve in any engagements that would interfere with their studies without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meeting within the college, or collect money for any purpose or to circulate among the students any notice or petition of any kind or paste it on the college notice board without the written permission of the Principal.
  • Active participation in politics is not compatible with the academic life of students and such students are not expected to indulge in public activities, which are of a political nature.

Classroom Behaviour

  • Students shall respect the direction of the teachers. Any disrespect shown to the teachers in the class or outside shall result in serious punishment and even expulsion.
  • Students who absent themselves from classes (absent themselves from one or more lectures without permission) will lose attendance for the day. Names of absentees will be posted on the notice board on the following day and clarification, if any, should be made on the same day. Repeated absentees will be asked to discontinue from the college or they may be detained in the selection exam.
  • Students may not leave the classroom without the permission or until the teacher has left the room or asked the class to disperse.
  • Proper class room behaviour is expected from all. Eating, chewing, littering of rubbish, spiting, writing on desk, wall, black boards etc., are strictly forbidden.
  • Students who leave classrooms should get a leave-slip from the teacher. Students who leave class rooms without permission are admitted to the class only after obtaining permission from the Principal.


Non-compliance with any of the rules and regulations of the college regarding general campus culture such as uniform, camera phone, attendance, late coming etc., shall incur a fine as reformative/transformative measure.


After admission process

  • After payment of fee, submission of original documents, signing of contract and orientation, every first year students or a transfer student is expected to do the following at the college office
  • Apply for the college identification card
  • Confirm all data entered in the student profile is up to date and correct
  • Enroll yourself in a College club and association of your choice

Leaving college

  • After finishing college or in case of a transfer/withdrawal, a student is expected to do the following:
  • Write an application to the principal, requesting for required documents (eg: transfer certificate, character certificate, provisional certificate and return of all original documents submitted) and submit to the college office.
  • Collect the clearance form from the college office and get required signature from the HOD and Librarian
  • If a student wishes to take Transfer Certificate during the year he/She has to clear all fees of the installment period and if the TC is applied for after three months, then the entire fees of the year will have to be cleared.
  • A fee of Rs. 100 has to be paid for Transfer Certificates and Rs. 50 each for other certificates.
  • No Certificates will be handed over to anyone else other than the candidate, parents or one who produces any original certificate of the candidate.
  • Collect all the documents on the given date from the college office.


Regarding Admit cards

  • Collect clearance slip from the college office.
  • Get required signatures from the HOD and Librarian
  • Signatures will only be given if the student has required attendance, no fees due, and no library fines or no books to be returned.
  • Return the duly signed clearance form to the college office & collect the Admit card

Discipline regarding examination

  • Report to college at least 30 minutes before the examination time
  • All students are expected to be in the examination hall 5 minutes before the examination begin
  • Bags, Mobile Phones or electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the examination hall
  • Borrowing of stationery is not allowed in the examination hall
  • Students are not supposed to write their names in the answer script, rather write only the college/university registration & roll number
  • Students will not be allowed to enter the examination hall, 15 minutes after the commencement of exams
  • Doubt clarification of the question paper will be done at the first 15 minutes only
  • Malpractices in examinations will lead to cancellation of all the examinations and expulsion from the College.


Loss of identity card

Request for replacement of lost identity card must be given in writing to the Principal. A new card may be issued on the payment of Rs. 100.

Loss/Damage of library book

After the matter is informed by the student to the librarian, s/he will issue a memo to the college office directing him/her to collect the required amount of money for the book. The student should make the payment at the cash counter

Damage to college property

Any damage to the college property should immediately be reported to the Administrator

The administrator will issue a memo to the college cash counter through the student. The student should make the payment at the cash counter for the damages done. The above applies to the undesired graffiti on desks, walls and Boards

Suggestions & Complaints

Suggestions are always welcome in the mode of signed notes in the letter box. Complaints may be registered to the concerned authorities depending on the nature of grievance. No anonymous complaints or suggestions will be taken up for action.

Library/Music & sports equipment’s

Students can avail Library books at the prescribed library hours using their ID card.

Using of Musical instruments and sports equipment are allowed at the prescribed hours. A student should enter his details in the register/record book, and submit the ID card to the concerned coordinators.

Sanctioned leave, late arrival and early departure

  • Collect the leave/ early departure form from the college office and fill the necessary fields
  • Get the signature from respective faculty and sanction from HOD
  • Submit one copy to HOD and take other copy with college office
  • Regularity record in the handbook must also be signed by the Principal

Absence due to family function

Follow the above mentioned procedure but this leave can be only sanctioned provided you apply in anticipation of the family function

Sick Leave

  • Collect the leave form from the college office and fill the necessary fields
  • Get the signature from respective faculty and sanction from the HOD
  • Attach your medical certificate (in case of absence for more than 3 days) with the form
  • Submit one copy to the HOD and the other copy to the college office
  • Regularity record in the Handbook must also be signed by the Principal

Late arrival/Uniform

  • Pay the stipulated fine at the college office
  • Write your reason for being late, meet the Principal and make an entry in your handbook

Three such entries will lead to suspension from college