Easterine Kire’s book released

Pre-Christmas cum book release
Don Bosco College, Kohima celebrated Pre-Christmas today with KD Vizo, Commissioner and Secretary for Information Technology & Communication, Additional Charge of Power as chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “Pre-Christmas is a time to prepare ourselves spiritually for the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”
Expressing that Christmas season may have different meaning for different people, he however said that, “for us, Christians, the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of age-old prophecies and the reaffirmation of God’s great love for us. It is a generous gift of our Heavenly Father and through His beloved son, we all know that hope and compassion entered our world.” To some extent, he said that Christmas is a state of mind and it should be present throughout the year to ensure that faith overcomes doubt, hope conquers despair and love triumphs over hate.
“Therefore, let us resolve to honor the spirit of Christmas and strive to keep it throughout the year and let us pray that prudence, wisdom and understanding might descend on all of us so that in the years ahead we may fully realize the wonderful dream: Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace, good will toward men”, he said.
The Commissioner & Secretary also added that if we celebrate pre-Christmas in a meaningful way, together we can prove that this world can be a better place to live with happiness and hope. He further extended his best wishes for the season by expressing, “may the spirit of Christmas spread the message of happiness, love and peace to each and every home and everyone of you.”
Highlights of the event included “The First Noel” by Bosco Music Club, prayer by Fr. Manayil Alexander, SDB, Bible reading by Seyievunuo Juliana, welcome address by the Principal, Christmas challenge by student and staff, promethean inaugural by Otoli Yeptho, Christmas Cantata by Bosco Music Club, coming of Santa Claus and vote of thanks by Jarani. John Thono and Neisatuonuo Zhale were the masters of ceremony.
During the programme, the college released a magazine ‘Promethian’ while the Bosco Music Club performed the Christmas Cantata.
Easterine Kire releases novella
Easterine Kire’s new novella titled ‘Don’t run my love’ published by Speaking Tiger was released at a pre-Christmas at the Don Bosco College in Kohima on Dec. 8.
Giving a brief look into her new book, Kire said that its story was based on a Mizo folktale which her mother narrated. ‘Don’t run my love,’ she said, is a story of a young man who follows a certain tradition in the Mizo society ‘Tekhumevi’ (tiger man or way of tiger); a belief of a young man who looks for power by becoming a ‘dual soul’ with the tiger.
Kire has dedicated her new book to young readers and former students.
The new novella is about a young lady Atuonuo who lives with her widowed mother in Kija, an ancient village of the Angami. Their peace is shattered when Kevi, a young hunter, lithe and possessing ‘animal magnetism’ and better looking than any other man in the village, comes to them at harvest time.
Kevi falls in love with Atuonuo and proposes marriage to her. When the she turns him down unsure of her heart, Kevi angered by the rejection, viciously turns and reveals a side of him that neither mother nor daughter could have imagined in their worst nightmare.
Easterine Kire is a well known poet, novelist, short-story writer and writer of children’s book. Her first novel ‘A Naga village remembered’ was also the first Naga novel to be published in English. Her other novels include Son of the Thundercloud and Bitter Wormwood. Her book ‘When the River Sleeps’ was the winners of the Hindu Prize for 2015.
Kire’s work has been translated into German, Croatian Uzbek, Norwegian and Nepali. In 2011 she was awarded the Governor’s Medal for Excellence in Naga literature