A day with new priests

A day with New Priests
Fr. Kashungnao Frank, Fr. Athikho Kholi George and Fr. Elow Lawrence visited DBCK on 19th January 2018. They were given formal welcome by DBCK family during the morning assembly.
This auspicious programme was chaired by Watisangla. Mr Kollo led the prayer by begging God’s blessings on the new priests and the word of God from the bible was done by Neisanuo. Fr Principal in his welcome address introduced the new priests to DBCK family. The leaders of DBCK felicitated the new priests with Naga muffler and a bouquet. Ms Vesülü Rhakho spoke on the topic who is a priest. She invited the audience to respect the role played by the priest of God. Fr. Frank spoke on behalf of the new priest. He in his speech focused on the theme ‘each one of us is unique.’ Fr. Elow prayed for the DBCK family and concluded it with priestly blessing. The programme ended with college anthem. This was followed by Eucharist for Catholics and Prayer service for others. Fr. Elow and Fr. Frank celebrated the Eucharist and Fr. George preached for the others.