Class Notes

SHIFT-I Class Notes


1st Semester

ELENG-102 Poetry, Grammar and Language Skills

ENG(G)-101 Poetry, Basic English Usage & Language Skills

ENG(H)-103 History of English Literature

3rd Semester


ALTE-301 Poetry, Short story and Composition

ELENG-302 Drama & Language Skills

ENG(H)-303 Writing in English from Nagaland

5th Semester


ELENG-501 Literary Criticism

ENG(H)-502 Fiction and Language Skills

ENG(H)-503 Literary Criticism

SHIFT-II Class Notes

1st Semester


BCAF-101 Financial Management

BCOM(G)-103 Indian Banking System

BCOM(H)-102 Principles of management

BCOM(H)-104 Financial Accounting – I

ENG (BCM)-104 Prose, Composition and Grammar

Political Science

POL(H)-102 Indian Political Thinkers

POL-101 Political Theory Ideas and Concepts (A)


PSY-101 Foundations of Psychology 1