Bosco Extension & Enrichment Activities (BEEA)

BEEA provide students with the opportunities to put their studies into practice, as well as network with like-minded students and professors. BEEA facilitate in the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual, emotional, social, moral and aesthetic development. BEEA offers openings for challenge, enjoyment, and exposure to new knowledge and ideas, thinking in different or unusual ways and risk-taking. BEEA is for all students and not only for a selected few. Get involved in BEEA and have the whole world open up to you!

Group Name Staff Name Position
NSS Mrs. Pinky Sagolsem Coordinator
Eco Club Ms. Jarani Mao Coordinator
Rovers & Rangers Mrs. Tsutshowe-U Sekhamo Coordinator
Peace Channel Ms. Khrienuo Coordinator
Bosco Sports Academy Ms. Kezienuo Coordinator
Jesus Youth Dr. Avinuo Kire Coordinator
Fine Arts Miss. Yanthungbeni T Kithan Coordinator
Literary Society Mrs. Sagolsem Pinky Coordinator
Music Club Miss. Holi J Ayemi Coordinator