Alumni association conducts certain activities with active participation from the committee as well as the Alumnus. Campus programmes and Orientation regarding career are some of the few programmes and more to be added and extended in the coming years


The Alumnus has variety of benefits. Some of them are listed below –
Access to extensive amenities on campus
Opportunity of catching up with classmates to keep the lines of communication open for career or reunion of friendship.
Connecting with Professors and College faculty and community
Always welcome to Social/Formal events of college
Volunteering in opportunities to keep the College legacy going on which will ensure the upcoming joiners of Alumnus to have the same zeal and energy to join this organization


VISION 2025 will include these programmes –

  1. a) Alumni Day
  2. b) Meet and Greet Day with Music Fest
  3. c) Alumni of the Year (for both Alumnus and the Committee)
  4. d) Alumni Award ceremony (Sports person of the year, Guiding light of the year, Creative excellence of the year etc)